Privacy Policy

Data Usage

Derry Ancient Spirit Hunt collects a Unique ID from your device. This data is only used for claiming offers. It is possible to determine that a device was within specific areas, ghost capture locations, at a specific time, time the offer was registered for/claimed, this is incidental for the functionality of the app and will not be used in anyway.

Data Sharing

The full database will only be accessible to the developer and summaries of offers register for/claimed may be shared with the recipient charity(Foyle Search and Rescue) and/or the sponsor businesses(specified in app).

Data Retention

Data will be stored on a secure online database, at 9:00am on 1st November 2021 the database will be taken offline and stored for 28 days offline, then deleted on 28th November 2021.

Data Deletion/Data Access Requests

All requestions for Data Access or Deletion should be made to the developer - Colm Canavan